Competitive / Performanced Based Cheerleading

Serving Bath & Brunswick, ME as well as other local area athletes

We have several opportunities to learn the sport of cheering at FH!

Competitive Cheer – This is an ALL INCLUSIVE cheer program. We offer 5 teams for ages K-college. Practices are held 2 x a week for youth and once a week for the Senior team. All teams practice on a Wednesday or Thursday and every team has a two hour Sunday practice. In this sport we have no subs, so attendance is crucial and multiple absences, especially before a competition,,, could be a determining factor in being able to perform. Every athlete, on every team is utilized in our routines. When one athlete is out, it affects the entire team.

Our teams attend 6-8 competitions in Maine. We travel as far south as Saco and as far north as Bangor. Our season runs from the end of October to the end of March. Competitions begin in the end of January. We belong to the Maine Youth Cheer Coaches Association and follow all of their guidelines. Teams are based on school grade as well as skill. Our pre-K -2nd grade team is Sparks; Flames has 2nd-4th grade; Blaze has 4th-6th grade; Inferno is 6th-8th and our Wildfire Senior team is 8th and older (8th graders must be enrolled in the youth program in order to join Wildfire.) Every team has two dedicated coaches. Uniforms and bows are included with season costs.

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Wildfire – This senior program was introduced in 2019 as an All Star option for 14 and older. Due to COVID, all of their competitions were canceled. In 2020 we were not able to field a team in the height of COVID. In 2021 we reintroduced this program as a Performance Team. Wildfire will exhibit at comps that FH teams attend, all in Maine. Uniforms are also included. This is a low stress, program for those who love to cheer and either don’t have the opportunity to cheer competitively in HS, can’t afford an All Star program OR just want to cheer more! This season will not conflict with the high school season.

Summer Cheer – This is a great opportunity to learn all aspects of cheering, work with all age groups, and perform the skills taught in a low stress environment. The program is usually held for 7-9 weeks in the summer on a weeknight so that summer weekends are free for family enjoyment. We completely understand that families take vacations in the summer, and are flexible to work around those. This season is for FUN! We perform at community events as well as a Sea Dogs game. Many times kids join us for summer cheer and get hooked on the sport! Our die hard cheerleaders enjoy this program as well, to remain active and use it as an opportunity to increase their skill level.

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Cheer Clinics – Watch for announcements regarding 3-4 week cheer clinics that focus on learning to cheer, jumps, flexibility, flying and stunting.

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Private Lessons – We also have the ability to schedule private lessons with kids that may be entering the sport and would feel more comfortable learning some one-on-one to gain confidence before joining a program. These can be customized to the area the athlete wants to focus on as well. Work with instructors on motions, flexibility, and jumps. Have they wanted to move to the front in jumps? Here is an opportunity to be POINT!

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